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Welcome to Yoursweetheaven, a befitting name for a wonderful,  exciting selection of all the sweets, chocolate and confectionery that you could possibly dream of, and all in one place. From Hampers filled with classic retro sweets, to an iconic white chocolate mouse,  you will find it here.

This is the ultimate sweet shop. Whether you are looking for a present for someone else or some particular favourite of your own you will find it here.  We have all the major brands and all are supplied by the very best retailers in the industry.

Bubblegum, bon bons and Black-Jacks, Milky Bar, Minstrels or Marshmallows, they and much much more are all here.

Please spend some time looking around, but choose carefully as you will definitely be spoilt for choice  . . . .





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  • White Chocolate.....tastes good!
    (18 September 2013)
    Yes, it’s true! The Nestle company commercially produced the first white chocolate bar in Europe in the 1930’s (and later in America in the 1940’s), but where it was actually invented is unclear. Wherever it hails from and however we define it though, white chocolate is delici...
  • Choc Fest - something for the real chocoholic!
    (17 September 2013)
      More retailers are realising that the demand for all things sweet is really high at the moment. Indeed, there are those that devote themselves to selling just sweets and chocolates and are doing very well out of it. With that in mind, we thought it would be good to say a few words a...
  • Grandparents’ Day – spoil them with one of our great Chocolate or Retro Sweet gifts!
    (13 August 2013)
    Grandparents’ Day – spoil them with one of our great Chocolate or Retro Sweet gifts!  Grandparents’ Day originates from the US but is becoming more popular over here in the UK as it’s a great opportunity for us to spoil them and give something back. This year, it f...
  • Retro sweets - Are THE Present
    (25 April 2013)
    Retro Sweets - Are THE Present Looking for an ideal gift?  Retro sweets could be the answer!  Most adults retain a sweet tooth but more importantly most adults retain a fond memory of childhood.  There are many things that can invoke a feeling of nostalgia, maybe places, smells, musi...
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